Do you want to meet girls from United States on Facebook? We are going to tell you how to do that on this page for you. It’s quite easy and it will take your seconds to do that. Firstly you need to know a few states of the country or if you would like to meet people from a city you will need to find out some cities. Let’s start with Los Angeles, you can change the city name or state name from the search box which we will show you above. You can get many profiles with our tips and you can send them messages by the site.

If you would like to have friends from different cities, you can change “Los Angeles” thingie which we have given you in the example. You can also use state names or “USA” at all. If you search a larger place in the Facebook, you will increase your chance to meet with people. It will be easier for you too meet them and find female profiles.


>> CHAT NOW <<

  • Please login your account first. If you don’t have an account, please get one.
  • After you get your account, click on the search box and type city name or state name into the box. Don’t hurry! Don’t hit enter yet, otherwise it will lead you a random page.American Girls on Facebook 1
  • Now please, click on the search image (icon) which appears in the search box of the site. It will help you to get results. However we have nothing to do with results there.American Girls on Facebook 2
  • Now, we get the results, but don’t click any of them. It’s not what you want. Now you need to look at right sidebar of the site. You will see the list of “Result Type” there. You need to click on Groups as we have showed you above.American Girls on Facebook 3
  • We are getting close guys. There will be many results in groups. Just select a crowded page where you can find many American girls. The things will be easier for you if you find a group with many members.American Girls on Facebook 5
  • We have choose Clippers page. Now begin to search American female profiles on Facebook. You need to click on “See All” button to see all member lists. You will able to find out girls profiles with that.